Harriet Reynolds
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hTexas based Singer/Songwriter

Born in Houston, this Texas-based singer/songwriter has been called "Nashville meets Austin." Perhaps a more accurate term would be "Nashville meets Austin meets New York meets the world!" Her subject matter and range of styles defies categorization. And in her words, "Music is music. A good song is a good song, no matter the notion of genre."

Some of her early gigs have included performing for many thousands of soldiers on a USO tour, carrying the audience solo at Six Flags over Texas, and fronting numerous bands. Despite the sheer enjoyment of those larger venues, she is just as at home in an intimate house concert, playing the guitar and connecting very personally with her audiences.

She has created a number of Photostory videos, blending photography and music in a choreographed, organic whole. Two of those videos are available here for your enjoyment.

Besides her current CDs--Full Tide and A Better Life--she is at work on her third album project--a new "unplugged" collection of songs. She has numerous other projects in the development phase and is currently involved in producing an original screenplay and score.

Harriet’s inspiration for her creative works comes from the world at large, and in her own words, "I am never happier than when I am sharing the gift of music with others, as we co-create an experience that transcends our day-to-day lives."